Thursday, 20 October 2011

Slideshow of the day

I am starting to think this should become a regular feature. One of the joys of the newspapers and magazines going online is that they have space to feature a wonderful variety of photographs that otherwise would hardly be seen. The Guardian does a particularly good series called 24 Hours in Pictures. Click here to see a marvellous set.

This one is my favourite:

Photograph by Paula Bronstein.

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  1. What a cool look at so many other worlds ~ thank you. Must check back with this.

    If you didn't catch it when it was going on, you might enjoy some of the installments in a year-long series that ran in the New York Times in 2009 or 10, "One in 8 Million" (although, given the wide range of what you monitor, you probably saw it when it was new). Anyhow, once a week, a reporter taped a two-minute interview with a NY citizen, and a photographer shot wonderful black and white images of the subject. My favorite was a grandfather named Joseph Cotton, but there were many fascinating people who offered glimpses into so many other realities.

    Thanks for researching out interesting things like this!



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