Friday, 6 January 2012

Funniest thing of the day

I'm not much for the whole cute children on the internet thing. Quite often they are in slapstick vein, and I do not like slapstick. Also, sometimes they feel more sad than funny, as they often involve poor little people falling over. This, however, is cerebral. The father in it is hysterical. And the child will clearly grow up to run the world. It is the absolute perfect antidote to a dreary Friday afternoon.

Oh, meant to say: I found this via Twitter. Stupidly, I have forgotten which clever Tweeter it was who first found it, which makes me cross, as I should like to give them credit.

And, if you find those annoying ads popping up, switch them off, because they obscure the subtitles, which are one of the best parts of the joke. Especially the 'gimme the pony' line.


  1. Precious! and Mum won! Hurrah!

  2. Jaqueline - I KNOW. Is it awful to be rather delighted that good old Mum won? Although Dad does sound like a tremendous fellow of majestic irony.

  3. Thanks for giving me a good laugh!

  4. Tania, I am so missing your books (fiction)..have been watching out for them, but nothing new! I read them when I lived in Notting Hill and you summed up the place and the lost love thing so well....Nott Hill is lost now but hopefully you have another book in you! Don't Ask Me Why was simply beautiful....
    Do it again Tania..please...
    Sophie North

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