Monday, 10 October 2011

My favourite new thing of the day

Is, without doubt, The Feminist Ryan Gosling. I could describe it to you, but the best thing is to go and have a look here.

I found it by the merest chance. Even though this blog was supposed to replace my Tumblr experiment, I have, in fact, kept up my Tumblr, which I have now learned to love. The only problem with this is I now have THREE blogs. Which is slightly nuts. But but but if it had not been for my growing Tumblr love, I would never have found the Ryan Gosling who loves the women. So it must have been meant.

One last question. Does it matter that I do not quite know who Ryan Gosling is?

Anyway, he looks awfully soulful in pictures. And I bet he is a feminist in real life.

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