Monday, 3 October 2011

Face of the Day: Myrna Loy

Apparently, in the 1930s, addressing a bunch of studio heads in Hollywood, she asked:

'Why does every black person have to be a servant? How about a black person walking up the steps of a courthouse carrying a briefcase?'
Quoted by Philip French in The Guardian.


  1. Good for her! I just love 'The Thin Man'. She always looked so wonderful.

  2. Trifle Rushed - Doesn't she look wonderful? Makes me want to go back and watch all those black and white Powell films.

  3. I highly recommend Myrna Loy's biography "Being and Becoming". (A paraphrase of "life is not a having and a getting but a being and a becoming" which is itself a paraphrase of Matthew Arnold). It is one of my most favourite books. I'm not sure why, but there you are. She was one hell of a woman.



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