Friday, 28 December 2012

My seventh day of Christmas: lovely festive things to do

So sorry; rather let my Twelve Days of Christmas lapse. Now I am back.

In the limbo period between Christmas and New Year, what better way to distract the mind from mince pies and Turkey curry than to watch some excellent American political television? Ezra Klein is easily my favourite of the political geeks (self-described); he is even geekier about politics than I am, which gladdens my heart. Here, he moves away for a moment from the fiscal cliff and the hopelessness of Mr John Boehner to contemplate, slightly surprisingly, the amazing feats of Ranulph Fiennes. He not only pronounces his full name quite correctly, but makes an excellent Debrett's joke. Who knew that American political commentators had even heard of such a book?

This is just sweet and lovely on every level:

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