Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My Third Day of Christmas: lovely festive things to do

Buy a funny book for those you love. This is a shameless plug for my friend Fi Cotter Craig, who, with Zebedee Helm, has written a clever and hilarious book about the dear old middle classes. It's worth buying for the names alone. (You'll see what I mean when you read it.)

It's beautifully produced, and apart from being highly amusing, contains some rather penetrating sociological insights.

Also, as the great day draws terrifyingly near, it means you can let Amazon take the strain, and wrap and send the thing for you, so you don't have to queue at the post office. Although I must admit I love nothing more than a trip to the post office at this time of year. But I live in a small Scottish village, with a remarkable postmistress. Less fun if you are in the Tottenham Court Road and have to get in line and take a number and feel your life flashing before you.

You can get it for a special knock down price here. I really do keenly recommend. It made me laugh and smile.

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