Thursday, 6 October 2011

Simplicity of the day


This beautiful photograph is taken by a gentleman called Luis Valdiz. It comes from the website of a delightful-looking shop in Canada, called Marche St George. (That Marche should of course have an e acute on the end, but Blogger seems mulishly to refuse the insertion of filthy foreign accents. It makes a difference because as written it means 'Walk St George' rather than 'Market St George'. Anyway.)

The point is, what I find remarkable about the internet is that, through a series of accidents, I chanced upon the site of a shop I shall almost certainly never visit, in a country thousands of miles away, and found myself so charmed by the beauty there that I did not mind at all that I could not go and actually buy anything. (Sorry, that was an appalling sentence, but I am too tired to rewrite it.)

Go and have a look here. The photography is outrageously good. And if you are Canadian, and you live anywhere Vancouver, go to St George Street and get some of their lovely bread.

One more photograph, because I can't resist, and another example of taking something utterly simple and investing it with singing beauty:

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