Thursday, 19 April 2012

Photograph of the day

Wow. This really is something. President Obama on the Rosa Parks bus, from the White House website, picture by Pete Souza.

Listen of the day

I'm a bit late to this, as I am not particularly fascinated by the Titanic. But Radio Four Extra are running a serialisation of Walter Lord's A Night to Remember. It is quite, quite brilliant, and beautifully read by Martin Jarvis. Because I'm used to him doing comedy, I had no idea he was so good at reading straight pieces. Regular readers will know I get hysterical about people who murder talking books by overdoing it, putting in too much expression, odd pauses, general drama, so getting between the prose and the listener. Jarvis is pitch perfect. I could listen to him all day. Also, the book is very, very well written, which I did not know.

The first three episodes are off the iPlayer, but you can find the rest here. It's really worth it.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Easily the best thing on the internet today

This will really, really cheer you up. I don't know quite why it is so pleasing and cheering, but it is. Except, as Andrea Gillies, through whose link I found it, pointed out, for the horse the hole. (Sorry, that really was a bit of a convoluted sentence, but my blood sugar is crashing, which makes my brain malfunction.)

It is called Thirteen simple steps to get you through a rough day.

Since one of the steps involves adorable or comical dog pictures, I use the excuse to put up a pretty damn good dog of my own: