Monday, 10 October 2011

Naughtiness of the day, with stirring pictures

The Daily Mash teases Dr Fox with the headline:
'Fox accidentally made best friend head of RAF.'

You can read it all here. It's very funny.

(For my international readers: our Secretary of Defence is in a bit of hot water because he has been allowing his best friend to visit him suspiciously in the Ministry and arrange meetings with arms dealers in Dubai. Or something. I am seven days away from deadline, and only listen to the news with half an ear.)

Easily the best line:

It has been revealed that Werritty immediately tried to sell the air force to Mexico and use the money to buy a houseboat, but the deal fell through because all the RAF instructions are in English. 

I don't have the heart to put up a picture of Liam Fox, but since the RAF is mentioned, I shall use that as an excuse to have some dashing fliers from World War Two.

The dog thing was a thing. Quite often they were mascots for the whole regiment. In the second last picture, there also appears to be, rather splendidly, a regimental goat. 

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