Friday, 27 January 2012

Perspective of the day

I talk a lot about the perspective police. These are the armed operatives who break down your door when you are getting a bit grumpy and moany and remind you of your manifold blessings; the ones who force you at gunpoint to see the wider picture. These metaphorical cops might sound a bit trigger-happy, but they really do it for me. Sometimes one needs a bit of a jolt to open one's eyes.

This morning, on Holocaust Memorial Day, I read this short letter, which is perspective of the most profound and humbling kind.

Wonderful picture of Anita Lasker, second from left, with her friends and family. She survived Auschwitz and Belsen. She played the cello in the women's orchestra at Auschwitz, which saved her life. You can read more about her extraordinary story here.

Photograph, uncredited, found via the Imperial War Museum website.

Oh, and since credit where credit is due is an important part of blog etiquette, thanks to @martinbright, who guided me to the piece via Twitter.

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