Sunday, 8 January 2012

Freak show of the day

Supporters of the Republican candidate Ron Paul have put out an attack ad on his rival, Jon Hunstman. Huntsman was ambassador to China, and speaks perfect Mandarin. This seems to freak out the Paulites. Here, look, the ad is saying: Jon Hunstman speaks Chinese, sometimes to Chinese babies (presumably political candidates should only be nice to American babies), thus he is a MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE. Oh, and also Chairman Mao, just in case you were wondering.

Batshit nuts in the head. They might as well go back to the 19th century and start talking about the yellow peril. I've watched this twice now and I feel as if my cranium might explode, it is so strange. Real actual people sat down in a room and thought this was a good idea.

The lovely Rachel Maddow has her take on it here, and widens it out into a fascinating discussion of New Hampshire politics in general.

Further reading here.

Jon Huntsman Manchurian Candidate Ron Paul

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