Thursday, 19 January 2012

Most fascinating political blog of the day

This is about more than mere politics. It is about tribalism and knees jerking and self-delusion and many other animals. It is really worth a read, even if you are not a politics geek, like I am.

It is Peter Watt, on Luke Bozier and the state of the Labour Party, and you can read it here.

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  1. I found Peter Watt reflections both brave and frank, not something I normally assopciate with the Labour Party. And now it's official:
    it's a visceral thing! Still on the same subject, I went on to read the article on the Telegraph, written by the Blairite Dan Hodges, himself not too distant from Peter Watt; and ended up with Luke Bozier's letter of resignation to the Labour Party on his blog.
    Eye-openingly interesting and very worth the read.

    Thank you for putting me on to this.

    I voted Blair in '97 and was full of hope then, but they lost me for good in the first term, with the 'sexed-up' document and the illegal Iraq War.

    Cristina :)


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