Friday, 21 December 2012

My fifth day of Christmas: lovely festive things to do

This is really hopeless of me, because I should have written it before the last posting day for Christmas. I was going to say buy someone a delightful present and support a fledgling business at the same time, but I am stymied by the temporal laws.

However, I then thought perhaps a lovely festive thing to do is to forget about presents, and buy something delightful for yourself. You have thought of everybody else over the last days, spent all your money, used all your brain agonising over whether Aunt Marigold would really like another bar of gardenia soap; now it is time to reward your kind, selfless self.

The days between Christmas and New Year can be anti-climactic. One may feel a little wintry and liverish. Why not order yourself some delicious potion or lotion from L'Apothecary, which was established this year and makes glorious oils and balms, for men and women both. I have tried their products, and they are beautifully packaged, made with love and care, entirely natural, and a pleasure to use. The business was started by the lovely Lou, of Lou, Boos and Shoes, whom I know through the blogosphere. I have a great admiration for people who set things up from scratch, and especially when they make something both beautiful and useful. William Morris would be proud.

So, if you want to give yourself a treat, you can find L'Apothecary here.

Facial and Skin Saving Oil

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