Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Question of the Day

I love it when someone sharper and better informed than I asks, and then answers, the very question I have been holding in my head. Over at The Dish, Andrew Sullivan asks: Why can't Jon Huntsman gain traction?

If I were a Republican, I would be falling all over myself to nominate this fellow. He has two terms as governor, he is articulate, humorous, and speaks Mandarin. He served as ambassador to China, so he has an intimate understanding of possibly the most important world power for America's future. He is tall and handsome. That should not make a difference, but it does, because politicians have to make an impression on television; also, there is that thing where one must be able to visualise the candidate on the steps of the White House. Looking presidential is intangible, but it counts. And yet he is bumping along at one percent, whilst the crazy pizza guy and the incurably odd Mr Perry romp ahead.

Anyway, Andrew Sullivan tells me why this should be here. It's sad, but I think it may be true.

Picture from Wikimedia Commons.

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